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How Buy-Tao Works

  • Shop and ship for me
  • Ship for me only
  • Multi-channel

    More payment methods and logisitics channels
  • Efficient

    Faster and easier purchasing with global distribution
  • Qualified

    Strict control on goods quality per standard QC process
  • Economical

    Free storage of 90days saving time and money

Featured Stores

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Why Use Buy-Tao

  • Save 25% Shipping Fee
    We offer free repacking service to reduce the volume /weight of your packages and add a better protection to them.
  • Consolidate Your Orders
    You can combine multiple orders under one tracking number so all your packages will be delivered together and you only pay the first kilo once.(The 1st kilogram is the most expensive for most courier)
  • Cost Calculator
    Estimate your shipping fees before you buy. It provides an estimate of the costs to shop and ship your parcels globally to your home address
  • SHOP FOR ME Service
    “SHOP FOR ME” allows you to shop online on China stores that don't accept your payment card. And we buy your order within the same working day before 5pm (GMT +8)
  • SHIP FOR ME Service
    “SHOP FOR ME” allows you to acquire your FREE china address to receive and store your purchases in China. As per request, we will ship your selected arrivals to you.
  • Customer Service
    Our customer service team helps you to communicate with the online stores and translate product description to you.

"You can effectively browse TaoBao in English with Buy-Tao ,select items from multiple sellers and checkout ,Shipping was vary quick and reasonable priced as well."

Tiffy,Plus Sized Petti Coats & Bows

Buy-Tao Features

  • Responsive

    shopping with Mobile and Pad from anywhere
  • Passionate staff

    Buy with people who really cares about You.
  • Pictures before delivery

    Reduces the risk of receiving wrong items.
  • Simplicity

    We are providing a userfriendly platform.

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