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What is Taobao

Taobao, China's largest online marketplace

Taobao is the largest Chinese online shopping platform, with over million independent stores listing their products and offers a lot of inexpensive but quality products. Unlike eBay, Taobao has no bidding auction option and all the listed prices are fixed , namely ’Buy it Now’ price.

Why shopping in Taobao?

China is known as the world’s factory, but most of the products in the retail stores may not offer you the best quality. On Taobao, you can access over million independent stores where some of the products are not available in conventional shops. Why wait, just Taobao it!

Cheap Stuff

Local production is always cheaper? Not always. Due to limited retail availability and lack of competition, many products in the conventional stores are actually more expensive. Taobao is an amazing platform to get cheap and good value products.

Crazy Stuff

China’s entrepreneurial spirit has run wild. Taobao is a gateway to explore the innovative and inspiring products than you can ever image.

Counterfeit Goods

China is known for producing fake/replica/bootleg products. You may have a higher chance to buy a fake item on Taobao. Maybe it is your intention to seek counterfeits products on taobao as some buyers come for Taobao for cheap but good quality fake items. Unlike eBay, Taobao sellers have not been restricted to list counterfeit items except a number of world famous brands. Generally speaking, Taobao allows buyers to purchase fake items.