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Tax and Duty

Tax and Duty Reference

When the declared value is lower than the country's general tax exemption amount , it is not normally tax package . If your package is taxed at your country customs, Buy-Tao is not responsible for that ,and you have to pay the tax. But the probability of this happening is very small, less than 0.3% of the parcel is taxed.

Tax Exception Amount Reference

CountryTax Exception Amount
United States200 USD
Canada20 CAD
United Kingdom15 GBP
Australia1,000 AUS
European Union22 EUR
Russia10,000 RUB
Japan130 USD
Singapore300 USD
New Zealand300 USD
Spain30 USD
Switzerland20 FRANC

Tips to Avoid Tax

  • Parcel over 10kg has a higher chance to be regarded as commercial package. If you choose DHL,you need to consider the volume weight as well.We recommend that each consignment should not exceed 10kg if you don’t want to pay tax.

  • Avoid large quantity of the same product in the same package, since it has a higher chance of being classified commercial package. We suggest to split into different parcels if you don’t want to pay tax.

  • Canada ,Brazil , France and some European customs are rather strict on commercial courier such as DHL,Fedex,UPS,etc. We recommend using airmail or EMS in some cases.

P.S. There is no guaranteed fail-safe procedure to avoid tax, above are just sharing of our past experience. FYR :)